Reviews for "Dungeon Dice"

its was ok

hey, maybe it was juat my game that was hard. but it was a wee bit hard for me. oh well. HEY! next time make like a stickman game. pplatformer maybe?


I don't really see what the problem was. I beat it my first try as a power mage with like 45+ hp. The end boss seemed to roll really high, but the other enemies rolled low, so I'm thinking it's random. Overall good game.

good game

i dont care about what everyone else thinks i say the game is great. also to all those people who think its not random this game works off of probability. which means you have certain odds of getting numbers more dice better chance. i watched one of the supposed stronger monsters rule all ones with three dice so yes its probably random so stop crying because you think the game is to hard. also mend is there to be used sure you cant beat the game with out using it and i got it as my third last skill and i beat the game easily. also to not use it would be like playing a rpg like ff and not using cure or any healing moves.

also i hope you make some similar games i had fun with this one.

Fun, but not hard

The game was possible with any class. Heal class and mend is surely the best spell to use. I beat it first with the time mage class, which is the weakest (I had like 15 hit points left at the end). Then I beat it with the twister class, which is the second weakest, and I ended up using "mend" all the time once I got mend (not enough mana to make it worth using other spells too). I had like 67 hit points left at the end. I didn't try healer class but I assume it would be the easiest based on mend.

*hits random rating*


I was lucky and won, first try, so hey, why shouldn't you be too? :D

But seriously though, one does technically have pretty good winning odds when playing this. And even though the last boss DID get a lot of 5's and 6's, I trust you when you say it's random.