Reviews for "Man in Gap"


Simple. Elegant. Fun.

this game

is nuts, spot on.


my mentor always said: "if it is good, great. if it it short and good it is awesome"

nice game

i got 18 ftw

Nice! Love it. Make a sequel!!!

Small, fun, yet addicting great game. I mean it's one of those games with just one goal, and not much to it, but is really really fun and just makes you want to keep playing.
The medals are really hard to get, I just barely got the 20 one, then came back to get 24 later.
I couldn't manage 40 nor 50, and I don't think I'll be trying any time soon, but otherwise you did a fine job!
This definitely deserves a 10, besides the fact that the mute button doesn't exactly work. I think it should have gotten a better start to its votes, because this sure is worthy of a lot. There's even room to improve and make it better.
Like you could make a sequel to it, with more of a twist like powerups to get, or a scrolling feature where you have like it scrolling, but every few seconds it clomps down and you have to find a spot fast.