Reviews for "Man in Gap"


Simple and addicting :)

Great Game!

That was a great game. Even though it was sort of a spin-off from an i-pod app, I still respect the fact that someone could make something like this for the internet :D I especially like the name of the game. 10/10

Adicting and Fun

I have never seen the Iphone version of this game, but I may go check it out.
This is an extremely addicting time waster. XD Simply yet enjoyable.

Don't give it terrible scores, just because there is an Iphone version of the game. Many of the games in the App Store are just copies of games from Newgrounds or other flash sites, because there is no official "Flash for Iphone."
Those games developers get loads o-moo-la for copying flash games, and you are giving this game, a game you aren't even paying for, terrible scores... plus if anything, it is helping bring in people who haven't played "the Iphone version," such as myself. =)


Pretty good flash.. Quite challenging..

Great game, except

The mute button doesn't work. And I happen to despise this background track..