Reviews for "Man in Gap"

Really Fun

Its really fun and hard at the same time.

Exactly what I expect from a flash game.

That is to say, I have a spare two minutes to use procrastinating from work. I haven't played any of the other games that people are accusing you of, essentially, stealing from, but I do know that simple concepts work for flash games and hell, this is pretty simple. You have a split second to find a gap... and you dive like hell, hoping for the best. I believe I got to level 25 before being crushed and the game seems to only speed up, so I probably won't make it further, but I had fun for two minutes - again, exactly what I expect from a flash game. :P

Sound was spot on. It had that adrenaline music as I scrambled to find the sweet spot, then the scary sound of what could've been large, iron doors or a guillotine waiting to finish me off. Although I feel the game is 'perfect', I can not in good conscience give it a max score because the bar has been raised so much in flash games.


This game isn't anything special in general, but it does have a very neat gimmick to it, which makes it a perfect time waster. Of course it doesn't have major graphics, or ingenious gameplay, but the fact that it's so simple allows for an addictive and fun game. It would have been nice if you went a bit farther in terms of the graphics though, as irt would've added that extra special bit of effort to the game, other than that, like I said it's an addictive experience. Good job.


If nobody's done it already looked it up, this is just Mr. Space. I play this on my iPod.

Kind of Scary

Is it my imagination or it gets faster level by level? Also is pretty adictive but it scares my a little to know that i might not found the right gap in time