Reviews for "Man in Gap"

A good one.

It was a good, simple game. Sometimes it seemed that there wasn't enough time, but it was addicting.

It's O.k

The game is addictive, but it's really glitchy and the music u can't mute( well that might just be my computer) anyway apart from the two negative things it' s a good game, u just need the sort out the probz k?

Good Game

It was fun playing it, but I found one problem. My player was at the end of the screen and the gaps were at the other end. I couldn't even reach the first one in time. Give a little more time to get 10 / 10.

Glitchy as hell.

I enjoyed the concept, found it mildly entertaining and would have rated it considerably higher but then as I jumped into a gap, I lost sight of my guy and noticed he was flattened. This happened twice in a row and really pissed me off. This would have been great had this not happened. I was clearly under the gap and yet I died. If this were to be fixed, I would def. rate this a lot higher.

well good

good but i probily would like it if it had more than just gaps other obsticals