Reviews for "Man in Gap"

Seemingly simple game

But it's actually quite addictive, and I really like it for a number of reasons. The game really does a good job at the whole "THINK FAST" thing. Such a simplistic style, yet definitely addictive and pretty clever. Good work.

Simple and great

I love these games that are simple, yet super addictive. Good job and keep it up.

Good Times ^^

Very funny little game.
Simply looking, but very addictive.
I give you a ten :D

Pretty Good!

I managed to tople level 16. :) Good game, for the concept presented, but could use more. I suggest adding maybe charcters, secret items in some places, and maybe a score system (like how fast you manage to get to a hole determines how much you get.) All-in-all pretty good game. :) 8/10, 4/5!


Fun, but my highest is only 15!