Reviews for "Man in Gap"

nice game

i got 18 ftw

Classic game.. but pretty difficult

Definatily a difficult game like others have mentioned, but while playing I found a bug if you press enter on menu screen to begin and then quickly press tab and the up key it will show a highlighted box where you can click enter. If you keep pressing enter while pressing the up, down, left, right keys your score can go all the way up to 50+.
Just thought Id tell you that bug before someone else does anyway I came about it by accident thought you should know.

Simple, yet addictive

It is definitely something that keeps me playing. But as DiMono said, there is a problem w/ both gaps being on one side of the screen. Still, this is something i'm adding to my favorites!

Precisely one problem

And it's a doozy: if both gaps are on one side of the screen, and then on the next level they're both on the other side, you cannot pass the level due to bad luck. You need to have us start each level in the middle of the screen, or the game becomes unfair.


Super similar to an iphone game (almost exact graphics) but with no lives. Great challenge and would have been awesome if you added something else to the game (so ppl would stop comparing it to others). Great work!