Reviews for "-Orr-Nocturne in C# Minor"

Very nice

You have a wonderful piece here.

For whatever reason it reminded me of Spirited Away for a few moments... Maybe it's because of the soft, but decisive keys, each one seeming to have been passionately played.

Great work on!

DavidOrr responds:

Spirited Away? Don't know what it is, unfortunately, but I'll go google it and see what I come up with.

Thanks for the support!


Enchanting piece you have here, even an electronic savage like me can appreciate the sweet flow of the track. Some excellent chords with an impressive amount of expression with your well placed delays and short bursts at times and there's probably a better way to describe that!

A fine evolution of the song, some nice major chords there, melding into nostalgic and bittersweet, back to the main theme.

I enjoyed it heaps, I must listen to your others! Perhaps someday down the line you'll add some strings or woodwinds to this piece? I would love to hear it. ;)

DavidOrr responds:

Glad you enjoyed the piece! I always personally play all of my parts in my music, because it makes it much easier to get that expressive sound. When you plug in the notes to a sequencer or a notation program, it's much harder to get that same sound.

I am planning on adding some orchestal parts to the background eventually.

Thanks for the support!

(good luck on garageband with your stuff, hope you do well!)

great piano solo...

great! i would love to hear more. Come check out my stuff.


Oh man

A clear nine for some reason..
This is what I call SKILL.
You seem to know the piano really well. It's one of my best friends.

You're clearly one of the best musicians I've heard on NG. There are so few who can complete a song like this, I really don't know what to say.

Actually there are just some chords which could be changed, but that's not a big deal. It would just raise the feeling a little bit.
I got goosebumps at the end of this song.

Haha, seems I just can't shut it down, got stuck listening to this :)

Really worth listening to!!

Another perfect work by Mr.Orr!

Hi David,
i'm definately a piano fan and i liked a lot this work!
Harmony is not too complex, but very nice.
Tipical romantic, as Wintang already said. Nothing new but played and thinked very well. Could fit perfectly in a film or documentary.
Loved the major part..
5 and download!

DavidOrr responds:

Thanks for the compliment of my playing, and composing. I always love to hear comments like this!

Although a personal opinion, I feel the most impacting pieces are the simple ones. A simple motif is all a person needs to touch someone, it all depends on how they do it. I hope I left as good an impression on everyone else as I did with you.

Thanks for the kind words!