Reviews for "-Orr-Nocturne in C# Minor"


oh, heavens o.O
Can I marry you??!! D:
...kidding, but you play amazingly^^
it's so beautiful that I could listen to it the whole day :)


I'm so... moved by this song... I'm astonished but I cannot stop crying at all...
It's so breathtaking, congratulations!!!!!!!!!!

Love the mood

I really appreciate the mood of this music
It makes me calm an relaxed


this is the song you listen to to calm you down after a stressful day of work...and for that i thank you. 10/10 5/5


The song starts out playing like a classical nocturne, something like Chopin's work. Then, towards the middle with the chords, its starts to take on a jazz-like feeling, whereas towards the end, it transforms into a contemporary piece in some way, which reverts to the opening classical nocturne, but an interesting way to compose a nocturne nonetheless. 10/10