Reviews for "-Orr-Nocturne in C# Minor"


You've been deserving of a detailed review by me for a long time, and having recently submitted a Nocturne from Grief, and currently working on one of my own, this one is really up my alley!

The piano sounds wonderful. I can't really tell if you played it live or just sequenced it really well, but it's very nicely loose, a lot of pensive pauses and delays, it drags the listener right along.

The composition is good - typical Romanticism most of the times, sometimes a little hint of pop music (add9 chords and such). The theme is well-constructed, the listener "understands" it immediately and will recognize it in the variations as well. Still it doesn't sound generic or predictable.

However, it would have been nice if you varied more in the left hand - after a while I started longing for a break from the arpeggiated chords.

A break which I eventually got in the interlude part at 2:01 - I thought that part was the best, it broke the mood in a real nice way and was just beautifully composed. I wish you had lingered on that a while longer, from 2:31 you seemed a little eager to get back to the main theme, which resulted in what I experienced as an 8 second modulation rush :)

Also, that right-hand part in the intro is really good, you should consider using that technique for another variation on the theme, give it that Chopin feel...

Overall, a 5 and a download well-deserved. Last advice I have is to check out what Simon_F wrote in his review for my "Notturno", it's downright encyclopaedic and you're bound to learn from it!

(Oh, and you may like the tune, as well)

DavidOrr responds:

Wow, this is one of the most detailed reviews I've gotten! All very good points, certainly things to consider. The modulation was very abrupt. I used a variation of the main theme to modulate back to try and make it sound less peculiar, but I could have given it a few more seconds and made the keys I modulate to closer in kinship to eachother.

Arpeggios I feel are this piece's biggest weakness. I was going for a chopin feel, yet a few more variations away from this motion would have been good.

I have a lot of respect for Simon_F and his knowledge of musical theory, it's great to know there are people on Newgrounds that actually spend time to learn that stuff. I'll be sure to check out the review, your tune, and leave a review :).

Thanks for the support!


Could fit one of these great dramatic movies like "the pianist" or someting like that.What i mean is that this is a great piece.You really have passion for music!

DavidOrr responds:

The pianist was a spectacular movie, it's quite the compliment to hear that one of my works would fit into it!

You're certainly right about my passion for music, but what I love even more is the thought of changing people's lives with it.

Thanks for the support!

Passionate, and Heart Touching

This is a wonderful piece David, i'm sure you realize that. This song intimatly connects with the person listening to it, I personally felt alot of diverse range of emotions through the beatiful job you did of articulating your notes. This piece was a song of your heart, a tale deep down that reflects who you are. I believe you are expressing personal reflection on a tragedy, reminiscing on a past experience that shook your world. The cold notes that you create , later turn to a warm comforting wind that explains and justifies the situation in your soul. This is then the music is temporarily joyful, and it is only then that you realize the entire gravity of the situation. I don't think this song ends with a conclusion, but rather an impact of opression on your life.

This is my brief interpretation of your thoughts, because not all thoughts are explainable to pen and pad. Your communication seemed clear and precise. I absolutely loved this piece DavidOrr, and I obviously 5/5 the score and downloaded.


DavidOrr responds:

Wow nightvision, you're very well spoken! Infact, I believe you explained the feelings that I was intending to evoke in listener better than I could have. It's great to get a review from a great artist such as yourself!

Thanks for all of your support, it means a lot!

great emotion

emotional integrity and a soft melody.
Yah we have all been hit by blamm today.
some lvl 20 up to his regular tricks. good soft work just excellent composition in 500 years they will recognise u as a composer and a master composer at that peace syntrus out hit me back go for a base warbling tune (0_0)

DavidOrr responds:

Thanks for the review! You gotta love those zero voters, don't you? Haha oh well, no biggie.

I'll be sure to check out your stuff soon!

Very good composition and performance!

Hello Awesome? My name is Impressed. This is a very well constructed work. As a pianist myself, I very much appreciate it. This could easily lead to a couple more movements that could let you stretch into some other tempos and styles. I'd love to here that.

DavidOrr responds:

Well, I was planning this to be a traditional Nocturne. I may turn this into a Piano Concerto eventually though, in which case there would be multiple movements. I already have some concepts as to orchestral motifs and counterpoint, along with an episode (most likely a small fugato).

Thanks for the review and support!