Reviews for "Dem Parodeez - 4"

Clearly the best series on Newgrounds.

By anyone's standards.

A brilliant masterpiece worthy of recognition

The story was very well written, even better than the works of even Mark Twain and Ayn Rand. I loved how you used the tree as an allegory for the bourgeoisie and kirby as the oppressed working class. The tree did "wun" my good sir, bravo!

the best

you're my new favourite animator/voice actor/ whatever :D

DahDoctow responds:

and your my new favorite commenter :D


did you use windows paint? .o. and this was some what funny in a stupid way .3. but also in a good way.... but also bad so its a good bad way ?? yea....

Awesome =P

I can't get enough of your stuff. Better than what I do on my DSi.

DahDoctow responds:

Is that an insult?