Reviews for "Dem Parodeez - 4"

the best

you're my new favourite animator/voice actor/ whatever :D

DahDoctow responds:

and your my new favorite commenter :D


......i know ya're an amateur animator, but this really sucks and you commented about hotweells? LOL thats odd.

DahDoctow responds:

i cant believe i keep getting PM's about that

you egoraptor fanboys sure are funny people

Hotwheel rant

You made a comment that was saying how there was no Hotwheels in it? You rated it 0. This doesn't have Hotwheels either but the reason I give this a 0 is because it simply stinks. BLAM THIS PIECE OF CRAP!

DahDoctow responds:


A brilliant masterpiece worthy of recognition

The story was very well written, even better than the works of even Mark Twain and Ayn Rand. I loved how you used the tree as an allegory for the bourgeoisie and kirby as the oppressed working class. The tree did "wun" my good sir, bravo!

Clearly, the what?

By whose standards?

I've seen better series on newgrounds.

Some features of the better ones that this series lacks:
1. actual animation that flows from scene to scene
2. a minimum mediocre scene, not just 2 characters in a white space
3. an actual music soundtrack
4. an actual attempt to make character voices sound different, hint: use computer speech for the other voices.

So those being the standards, I ask thee, How again?

p.s. 5 stars for effort.