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Reviews for "Shift: Freedom!"

Great game, but is it supposed to not respond?

Great game, tons of fun, but when I was playing the minigames sometimes it just didn't do anything. It didn't freeze; the clock kept ticking, but I couldn't use the controls. Part of the game? If so, a lame part. Otherwise great game.

Swamp monsters...

Nice game but why are all the medals worth 5 points...
I loved it. Great story. I love how you can start with different genders (well most games don't have that ability)
And then you press "updown" instead of shift, and that kind of ruins it.

good but terrible lag

the escape chapter is almost - no, it IS unbeatable because that guy just won't move when I'm telling him so, and (even worse) the clock just keeps ticking in normal speed!
apart from that great game

And to all the reviewers before me complaining about this being too similar to SHIFT: I recommend you to check out The-EXP's flash.


Almost unplayably laggy...

Looking forward to the better version, then you'll get a higher score.


How many times do I need to tell you, I DENY you to store information on the computer!! Sorry, but every time I enter or exit a level it asks me to store information. Also, I find this a rip off of Shift, which is an art/platformer game like this one, but with a voice who is telling you what to do and if you do things wrong at the end you go spiriling into the universe. The only things I gave you stars for are the humor (*) and the fact I liked the origoial Shift and this is similer (****). 5/10