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Reviews for "Shift: Freedom!"

Good but....

WILL YOU MAKE A DS DOWNLOADABLE VERSION?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!

This is a review. I suck at summaries. Derpa Wort.

The levels are a bit tedious and bland, perhaps it would be better off if you added say a counter that showed you how many levels away from the end of the chapter you were. As it is now it just feels like youre going through the same environments infinitely, a simple little lv#/lv# counter for each chapter would really help in making the player feel like theyre progressing instead of going in loops.

Another thing that might help is adding some environment detail. I realize that the game is supposed to have a very materialistic style (and while im on that may I add that this installment is much prettier than its predecessors with its more cartoony figures) but you could still add a few small details here and there to flesh it out, or maybe even add the tiniest splashes of color (gasp, heresy) in the form of things like... i dont know, potted plants? *shrug*

I have one really big problem with the spot the difference mini game, it doesnt seem to work correctly for me in that even if Im clicking perfectly on the part of the image thats different it wont register that i clicked anything. I can deal with losing because of my own incompetence but when im clicking the thing im supposed to be and not getting anything for it... FeelsBadMan.jpg

In conclusion: Its a decent game, I like it a lot more than the older entries, but it still could use a lot more polish

Good game, but...

As we all know, there is almost always a but. This time it's: It's a good game, but it gets a bit dragged out without the awsome storyline of the previous Shift games, and the music makes you too tired to play. Sure, I might be able to turn it off, but then it gets boring to play. Although, I'll give it an eight. As I said, it's a good game, but it could be better.

Good, you got rid of the mochi coins

Did you know that he made a game called ALTSHIFT that is exactly like this execpt with mochi coins


it was good until i disappeared and it went slow when i pushed blocks and pulling blocks is weird :( but i loved the other shift games its avery unique puzzle game.