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Reviews for "Shift: Freedom!"

All your Medals are belong to us

Well not all only the pipe-minigame ones
somehow scipped chapter 3 and most of 4 so the game at first didn't unlock
watched cutscene unlocked minigame played and completed but no medals
neither ingame nor NG-ones

A.K.A the much better version of Alt: Shift

Now that youve made sure that mochi doesnt give a crap about this, you we can play this game without having to get stupid mochi coins.

What the?

I got stuck in a box.......
Very Glitchy. I mean a box?

Controls okay, except the D or > + Space.


Way too laggy and glitchy.. sometimes i get transported to a different part of the game area for no reason at all. and the boces, when pushed sometimes disappear then reappear, leaving my character in the box...

Not so good.. :|

Man, this brings back a few memories.

I used to play the earlier Shift games when I had time, but for some reason, I drifted away. After searching, finding, and having a good play on part of chapter 1, I've remembered what I've been missing. Really great series, and I hope you keep it up!

I was also experiencing a problem in one of the levels and also in the slider minigames: LAG. It kept hindering my movements and miscalculating my jumps, and seemed like it took a nap on the slider squares whenever I tried to move them. I hope you can resolve this issue in any future installments.