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Reviews for "Shift: Freedom!"


Honestly I thought this was gonna be a rip off of the original shift series until i saw the authors but anyway great job love the game.


Another great addition to the shift franchise, if none of it was changed from the original I'd still be a happy camper

Top Notch !!!

Fun, addictive, challenging, fustrating, but you feel proud once you figure the rooms out. :)
Thanks, this was a very fun and engaging game. Perfect.

amazing as always

again, the shift series are great.
they're simple, but fun.
what stood out for me though was the ambient background music, which I enjoy so much better than the generic game techno music we're all used to hearing in flash games.
my only issue though is that the shift games aren't really progressing, if you know what i mean? all of the games are the same general idea with tiny changes in features and graphics.
still though, great game.


Like every other shift game, the concept is classic!