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Reviews for "Shift: Freedom!"

this game fucking lags, plus bugs and glitches...

love it apart from the time it takes to get from one level to the next is to long for me

the game is great but

its often doesnt respond to the keyboard

the pipe puzzles are impossible because you put a piece and you have to wait like 10 secs before you can move the piece again

sometimes you enter a door and you get back to the chapter select screen with no apparent reason

some bugs are so rare that it looks they were made on purpose

It works but..

Something just feels off about the whole thing. I like the short cutscenes and new ways to use the shift power but something's missing.

My only issue atm is with the exit doors. Seems to take quite a bit of time to get from one stage to the next. Maybe its just me being impatient

Fun but.........

this game is tons of fun but it has way to many bugs and glitches for it to be fun for long periods of time