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Reviews for "Shift: Freedom!"

Unplayable... extremely buggy

Sorry man... I was having great fun until for some reason, around chapter 3, the game started lagging a lot, it was sending me to the main menu for no reason, the controls were not responding, and the icons in-game (arrows, keys...) were ignored when I passed by them. Same thing with the mini-games, arrows not responding, and overall unplayable. A shame, 'cause the concept, as well as the few parts I could play, were awesome.

Horribly glitchy

Its practically un-playable!!!


It's there, but this needed a little more work before submission. Bugs include clipping into boxes (and becoming trapped!), exit doors that don't work, and medals not being awarded (Diffotron Beat, Pipemaze Beat, and Slick Slider all did not unlock for me). Fix these issues and this collection will warrant at least a 9.

It's alright for what it as a challenging game...

But I don't get the same feel that I got from your previous games. Besides the glitches that were mentioned earlier (such as collision detection, problems with the medals, and lagging from the game itself.), it doesn't feel like a Shift game. The design of the characters may have thrown me off. However, it's very challenging for a game and the music is great.

all in all

not bad entertaining, i havent played the other shift games so lucky for you from what ive read you get a good review form me, the lag is the only real issue I saw, ive heard about the box eating thing havent had much of a problem with it tho, anyways i would go on and on about fixing the lag but im sure you have plenty of that you lose one star for it cause its an easy refresh the page tempt fix, if i had to guess its something to do with the cache, but im not an expert by any means wish you luck and look forward to playing more of your games sorry for the long review