Reviews for "No Time to Explain"

Love it

I love the little hidden route you can take that lets you. Teleport to the boss and have him wearing the disguise lol. Good back to the future spoof to hehe.


that was the funny est thing ever!
i couldent stop laughign every tme ur future self says some thing


its hard and sometimes frustrating to control the laser but its worth a play. i only wished this game wouldn't be so short.

the voice acting is superb! (you should have made your future self say 'fire the laser to 'rocketjump' over obstacles. .omg the pain i don't even understand what jiberish im saying...AHHHGRRRR! instead of writing it)

this game has some glitches (like if you fall on the spike balls on the way to the glasses teleporter you get stuck in them or sometimes you respawn too close on the edge and fall to your death or get respawned one 'level' deeper which can be frustrating when you try to get to the dino teleporter)

i like how the different dimensions add themselfs up. eyeglases wearing- dino time traveling yous from the future.

i hope to see more in the future from the future with more dimensions, levels, obstacles and enemies.
(maybe a retro intergalactic robot ninja cowboy dimension :D)


cool game, nice way to hide the dinosaur teleporter in the game. Had me laughing. Good job!

Simple yet amazing

I loved the style of gameplay, simple yet amazing

Can you make another?.....Please?..........