Reviews for "No Time to Explain"

yay, secrets

awesome game, but there were some gltches. love the secret thingys

Glasses and pro area

in the beggining if you jump above his house you will find an alternate path to get to the boss and get the alternate glasses ending as well as a telepad try it but its for pros! k?

I-smel responds:

Also try the dinosaur path

Great game

loved the voice work :P
waiting for the next line was part of what made me keep going to the end


There were some jumping parts that were just horrible, other then that it was an alright game at best.


This is one of the most fun games I've played in a long time. The voice acting was superb, the graphics were cute and the mechanics were fun (although a bit buggy at times).

I would like to point out that it would feel more like a time loop if you could actually get the glasses and the jumpsuit that the you from the future was wearing. You could get glasses but they weren't the same. And it couldn't possibly be a time loop because you never pick up the device that he uses to open up the portal to the past, before heading into the portal. Without it he could only travel into the past once.

Great game.