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Reviews for "Dot Dot Dot - Animated"

ok wtf

you guys think this review is bad??? he's right!!!! only the misspeling are funny :p but still he's right
btw i love the animation!!!

that was awesome

this is like the ultimate diss to axman.
i like the overall presentation. good colours and effects too. if i was better with words, i might be able to explain but a sliver of this awesome entry.
i look forward to your future work.

P.S. it'd be hilarious if axman responded to this with another review and that you make another video of that.


this is good and pretty fun,but i cant acces the game!WHY?WHY!?

that's the way!


Oh Em Gee

Dis is a mashter peeese! Fan-tasteecal eenit? 1 hundedred pur csent t3n owt ov t3n!!!!