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Reviews for "Dot Dot Dot - Animated"

Brilliant and original

I hope that you are in fact happy 'ricey' pirate, after watching this cleverly dramatised submission, i felt compelled to search for this review and play the game. However despite twenty minutes of eager scrolling i was disappointed to not being able to find the review in question. Despite the interesting misadventure I still greatly appreciate this flash. Ten stars. Gracias to everyone who likes reading about my sad little life stories.


but funny


Thta was sou baad all juu duu ish wtach a muvie!

I lol'd at P.S. part

Hilarious typography combined with excellent voice acting!
That guy has some serious problems with spelling :P

Wow, this rocked!

I wasn't expecting much from this work, based on the description as it scrolled by, but then it began. And wow. The voicework was great, the animation, sizing, and parodying of misspellings was so spot on, clean, emotive, and well thought out, and the operatic background music truly brought out the best possible sense of engagement and overdramatic humor possible! Loved it bro! This promotes creativity, quality flash use, and proper spelling on Newgrounds all in one fell strike. Woot!