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Reviews for "Dot Dot Dot - Animated"

Nicely Done

The audio track was epic D-Mac-Double audio tends to be. But this piece isn't just audio, it is animation as well. The animation and the style it was done in could have been done in many different ways. I personally found the way you did it amazingly accenting the audio. Adding the Derp Combo, and the "Years old" to the end of 13. The contrail, the Q: and A: part. It all made it funnier to me, and made a nice compliment to the audio. Nicely done.


I laughed the whole way through, when he said "beacuase" I totally lost it.


Absolutely brilliant. I could not stop laughing. You've presented perfectly what happens when anyone and everyone, thanks to the internet, is allowed to type down their opinions; angry 13 year-old + missing the point = hilarity.


This is just brilliant


Really a brillant way to reply to an idiot.

The animation was frenetic, and the voice was really the best part of this little flash.
The voice looks so... Epic, so Inquisitive, but at the same time is Ironic and Funny.

And everything was smooth, that's the main quality for a flash.

Really good job.

P.S.: I used the capital letter with adjectives "beacuase" (:P) I wanted to make it more important.