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Reviews for "Dot Dot Dot - Animated"


... The only reson im giving this a 10 is beacuase the voices where pretty good.

but thats



This was very funny. I salute you :)


i am crying laughing

Hahahahahaha! *Sarcasm much?*

Right. How good was the TYPOGRAPHY? Not the voices. The TYPOGRAPHY. Was it good? Or were you too deterred by the voice? What would you give the TYPOGRAPHY if it was on its own? 4? 9? 8? Well, perhaps if you are giving this a high score - think - WHY? Perhaps because you like just the voices. Does music make a flash? No. I have only said this because of the numerous time people have said something along the lines of ' The voices were awesome!'.

P.S: The only reson I'm giving this a 6, is beacuase the TYPOGRAPHY where pretty good. But that's it!


I like! Good way to return to Newgrounds!