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Reviews for "Space Bound"


The ready, set , go takes wayyyyy to long! and it could do with some background though, stars at the very least...

This is just my opinion but I'd prefer to use arrow keys to move it :P, aside from that not bad :), kept me entertained for a bit

ninty96zie responds:

.... did you actually play through the entire thing, cos the game is more than just that bit.... there is a platforming bit aswell...

Not very interesting

The game doesn't require any real skill, and it isn't very challenging, I could just stay in one spot and not be damaged. The game itself was bland looking and didn't keep my interest very long. But I do believe you can make a better game, just needs more polish.

ninty96zie responds:

Did you play through the whole thing? Just wondering, cos there is a platforming area, where you would HAVE to move to finish the level, me thinks you didn't bother playing it, and therefore, i think that your review is fairly invalid

Not to bad.

just a little fyi,
you can shoot though the blocks on the last level if you stand right in front of it

ninty96zie responds:

fair enough lol, i'll try to fix that, maybe have the boss do like a flying charge at you to prevent it :P

VERY glitchy!

I played for a while and nothing happened and then I died and it said i had won!!! then, i lost suddenly!
fix the glitches!
until then
1/5!or 1/10!

ninty96zie responds:

..... no where have i even put the words, u've won, or something to that manner... what flash are you even playing??

Needs improvement.

Its an ok game on the whole, but what about adding a background to it? Different sound effects when destroyed, even the log being faster writing, these are just a few things I picked.

But its definitely better than many other flash things.

ninty96zie responds:

I was thinking about making the log type faster... it does take a long time for it to actually finish :P anyways thanks for the review, nice to see someone actually offer good constructive criticism for once :P