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Reviews for "Assorted jelly beans flyer"

Great style of drawing but...

It leaves the ultimate question of WHAT THE F**K?!

sugarpolyp responds:

I dunno manski.



sugarpolyp responds:

Good enough for me!


Hey... you wanna do a flyer for my band? lol
Awesome art man, makes me wanna stare at it for a while...

sugarpolyp responds:

Haha, maybe!

Thanks man! Go on ahead! Although considering how late this comment is, i imagine you're about done staring.


A sloppy, sneering kick-in-the-balls piece of art. Like a caricature of all the Grindcore I wish I've heard, but havent.

sugarpolyp responds:

Thanks man! That's an awesome review! Exactly what I'm going for! Much appreciated!


No coments, is excelent (Y)

sugarpolyp responds:

Thanks manski!