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Reviews for "Hoshinofuru 2"

it was pretty good

ummmm but you just need to work on it a bit more, i had trouble distinguishing what was what and was quite lost there wasn't any context so i didn't know what to do also i recommend adding subtitles to the shops it will bring up less confusion because well i didn't know what shop was what or for the map screen try addidng names to those as i went into an area i didn't know and was immediatly demolished


I mean.. it was confusing at first, but I got used to it. This game is like Pokemon, and the "Pokemon" are called Osanai.
Here's a walkthrough for those who don't really get the game.
Ok, so basically when you click New Game, it will bring you to a screen with 5 Osanai. All of them suck, so choose the fire one. After that, you are looking at a battle scene with an Osanai named Bob. To fight, you click on the fist. To use potions, you click on the middle button shaped like a potion. To charge up your energy, you click on the third button. Click on the fist. Look at your attacks: Bark, Fireball, and Normal. Bark uses 1 energy, and it's a good attack for a starter Osanai. Fireball is your "stronger" attack, but bark is better just because bark only uses 1 energy and does decent damage over 2 turns, and Fireball wastes 2 energy and only hits like 4 damage at level 1, which is bad cause you only have 5 energy to start with. Bob's really weak so yeah. Damage is based off of your levels and your Osanai. There are 4 types of Osanai. Damage based, Defense based, Health based, and Balanced. Damage based is the only way you can get through the game without getting pissed off. Basically, whenever you level, you get more energy, health, and damage. Not so sure about armor though. Ok, you should be at a screen that shows houses. Click go back to map.
Now, you should be at a map. DO NOT PRESS ANYTHING. On the left of your screen there should be two houses. Click on them. You're back in the shops. Click on the opened door on the left. This is your Osanai page. You can switch around Osanai to use as your main one. The first Osanai is used in combat. Get out of there. Go back to the shops. Click on the door between the blue towels with random characters on them. This is the potion shop. I don't use potions. :P Get out of there. Go back to the shops. In the middle there should be a road leading to the forest. Click on the house right on the left of the end of the road. You are at the most useless shop in the world. The Kekyu evolution shop. You need money to get stuff, and a Kekyu. A Kekyu is easy to find because it's a universal Osanai, meaning it's found in all of the areas. I can't evolve mine.. It gets stuck. Get out of there.
Time to explain the map. The mountains (Top, Bottom left, Right) are made of mostly universal Osanai, the Osanai that shoot green stuff, and Wind Osanai. Strangely enough, the rarest Osanai in these parts is the Hantamago. Lots of health, really little damage. Really useless. YOU WANT TO GET IRO OR MOJ. Good damage. I have an Iro; Very good damage but low armor. Moj; Very good damage and good armor AND rather decent health. Maybe Torikaze too. The dark forests (Left, Left then a little lower, Bottom Right) are filled with all types of Osanai. Ones that hit you with circles, wind, green stuff, fire, but not water. The middle forest contains a lot of normal attack Osanai and fire ones, and a few green stuff ones. Here AND the deserts, you will find an Osanai called Megane. For some reason, it does infinite damage. Maybe it's a hit or miss kind of thing. Try to kill it and see what it does! The ponds (Directly to the left of the top house of the shops, Right under the middle forest) contain water Osanai. I hate them. They suck. The field (Right above the middle forest) has fire Osanai, rabbit ninjas, and polar bears. AND MEGANE. The deserts (Right of the shops, Under the bottom pond, Right of the middle forest) have circle shooting Osanai, normal ones, and fire.
Most of all of the fire Osanai are strong. Especially the one that looks like ponyta. Water ones are pretty weak but have good health and armor. Circle ones... lots of health. Green ones, balanced. Wind ones, if they have strong winds they're good. Real good.
Pro tips: Just because they are really rare doesn't mean they're good. Like the Kitsunekaji. It fails.
Good damage > Good armor + Good health
Grind til you can't grind anymore.
Never get health and/or armor based Osanai. NEVER. After lvl 20 battles become damage based.

Have fun! I guess.

MonoFlauta responds:

Epic... what can i say, i read everything and laugh a lot with things like "New Game, it will bring you to a screen with 5 Osanai. All of them suck" lol.... anyway, thanks for this epic walktrough and glad you like it :)
A lot fo thanks :)

Also, you forgot about the place you can upload your score :P

Slightly good

hey MonoFlauta,

The art is very simplistic to the point of off-putting. However, your choices in the game are wide and varied and add to the entertainment of the game. The music is smooth and seductive, nice choice.

Combat is difficult; you're not sure what moves do what and there's not much sense of progression. Going out into the town gets complex, and then the map is even harder to navigate. I'd recommend making the cursor at least highlight something when it moves over it.

Nice ideas, but there's no learning curve: you need a tutorial to explain this early confusing game. Hoshinofuru 2 would benefit from life and energy bars, to get a visual representation of where your health and vitality are at. I wasn't sure what a bush of roses meant in combat either.

Great variety of monsters and attacks, but battles are both overly long and boring. Nothing really new is introduced in this game, it almost copies Pokemon. Normal attack is useless and it takes about 50 hits to kill the 2nd monster if you don't have any energy potions. Which is frustrating because i didn't know where to buy energy potions in the first place.

Overall, disregarding PlusFoar's kind walkthrough, this game is too busy and confusing to understand. You need to let them into your world slower. There needs to be at least a hint of a storyline to connect us to the pets of ours. Thanks for letting me play.

--Production-- = 13/20
--Playability-- = 13/20
--Genius-- = 15/20
--Flair-- = 10/20
--Tilt-- = 10/20



Its notbad, could use more effort.

ok well this is notbad of a game, it seemed to take awhile to {LOAD} so i am wondering if you could do anything to shorten the loading time, it could be a cause of anything really, The menu screen is something you could touch up, it was a tad bland, maybe throw in some colors and more improved looking buttons and the font could be changed in the title to really jump out at the viewers, just an opinion but it could be cleaned up and made to look more {FRESH}, The game play is very fun, kinda reminds me of the likes like finalfantasy and such, the graphics in the backround were pretty good, and the play action with commands was decent with some decent art and after art action, so i liked the effort there, The characters were cute and you had a variaty of differant ones to chose from, i would love for there to be some more interaction more commands and a faster game play it would increase the fun factor of it all, but just my opinion on improving on a fun little game, and now that i think about it the graphic images for the backround is probably what made the file size abit large, so you could probably bring that down somewhat, but anyways good job i look forward to more of your work soon.

Possibly reducing some graphics etc so loading time could be faster? try working in a much more better {MENU} screen it was somewhat bland. more game play interaction would be nice.

Fun game but could use some effort in file reduction and more game play interaction.


Now, what am I doing?

The design is good. I see where you were going with this, but somewhere along the line it appears as if the game got here incomplete. I REALLY think you need to finish this, as it screams potential, but needs some polishing!

There's no story at all. Which is a problem, but not as big of a problem as the lack of direction.

On the map nothing is labeled, nor in the view of the town. These are huge problems. The users will have no idea what areas are clickable and tabbing around should never be something a player should have to do in a game.

I would HIGHLY suggest using some text that looks good maybe in round rectangle boxes over the clickable areas labeling them. Maybe "Town" "Cemetary" "Lighthouse" "Forest". These things would have been really helpful in the game.

There also doesn't seem to be a coherent point to the game. Why keep training? Just for high scores? I think it would be nice to be training for a final boss battle. Maybe you have to reach level 40 to slay the dragon, or something along those lines. There just doesn't seem to be a real grabbing theme to the game.

Like I said, your design is good, and I enjoy what you've put together. It just needs a few more things to really seal the deal. The different creatures look great and the fighting system seems fully functional. The links to different areas, albeit not labeled, do work.

Just put in the extra time on this and it'll be a lot more worthwhile. I hope this helps. Good music btw.