Reviews for "Digimon D-portal V2.0"

Extremely well made game and very fun but by the time you get to adult it gets really difficult to keep everything up and the dp doesn't recharge fast enough making it too hard to even get top ultimate also when they're champions like devimon you can't see the poop as easy as before. That's the only flaw in it too many things to do not enough time.

Good, but way too fast

I think it would be a little more fun if it was slowed down. Impressive graphics, and good layout though

ARMouros responds:

thanks slowing it down - im 50/50 on it some people are having no problem getting to the last stage maybe if it is to hard then i would do it

I really like this. BUT...

There are a couple of key issues I have with this game... The first and greatest is that there aren't really any proper instructions for this game, no 'how to play' section that ADEQUATELY explains everything I need to know to play this game. Dx (Unfortunately, your instructions in the author comments didn't really do it for me, as I still found myself wondering what some things did, how to fix other things, and whatnot.) For instance, I don't know what the Jar with 'D-Cu' on it is supposed to do, I wasn't really sure when to give my Digimon the pill, and I downright just have no idea what the bottom-middle button (the one with the monster and 8) was supposed to do. Bottom-line, It needs better instructions is all... I realize it's based on the original D-pet, which didn't explain much either, but you can do better than that! The other issue I had was how quickly and yet slowly time moves... You have to constantly babysit the Digimon so that they don't get sick or too tired or anything, but it feels like it takes forever to progress through the evolutions. I think you could fix that by either remedying one of those problems or the other; make the game at a slower pace like the original D-pet (which admittedly might be difficult), or make it so that it's easier to digivolve faster.

On the other hand, the whole setup looks really cool, and I totally get the feeling of the style of Digimon from it... the hand-drawn characters are also pretty cool, considering you could have just stuck in Digimon pictures or sprites, but opted to make them from scratch instead... so I appreciate that. Although, I think it would have been neat if they had multiple poses and frames, instead of just the same picture that waggles around. I could tell that this is based off of the very first V-pet, and it was really cool to see Seadramon and Betamon show up. :D Although, I was curious as to whether guys like Tyrannomon or Airdramon were included in this one? (I've only ever gotten Greymon and Seadramon.) I've also had difficulty getting past Champion level, it seems like the care demands of the Champs are too great for the Virus meter (I think that's what that is?) NOT to get filled all the way.

Bottom line, it's a pretty cool game... there's definitely room for expansion and improvement, which I would love to see, but for what it is (a recreation of the virtual pets), it's pretty neat. (NOTE: Take it as a compliment that I thought it worth my time to write so much. xD Hopefully you can get past the tl;dr wall of text, hahahaha....)

I've never seen an egg crap this much.

The general idea is good but it would have been nice to have more instructions so I could actually grasp what I was doing.

how to crack the egg?