Reviews for "Digimon D-portal V2.0"

need a instruction

i dont get all the symbols

ARMouros responds:

yar the symbols ar from the digimon Vpet toys so unless you have played them you wouldn't
i should make a tutorial at the beginning i might put one in

thanks fore the comment


I liked the game, but you should add some music and a tutorial. The game gets boring to fast without music and sound effects.

ARMouros responds:

i might ad a slight click sound to the buttons - ill have a look
thanks good idear

great but needs some improvement

I liked that taking care of the digimon is based on time but the time is too fast i couldn't get past Rookie level. also maybe some choice in what we would like our digimon to be instead of basing it on how we take care of them. also instead of a death counter maybe a dedigivolver until you dedigivovle down to an egg again then a negative digivolution line like demidevimon and the like. also every one of the season one to three should be available if possible. i cant wait to see your latest version some time in the future

I'm finished it

can i find an game that digimon is battle each other?

liked the game but too many little flaws equal a 4 but still a nice game