Reviews for "Digimon D-portal V2.0"

Good, but way too fast

I think it would be a little more fun if it was slowed down. Impressive graphics, and good layout though

ARMouros responds:

thanks slowing it down - im 50/50 on it some people are having no problem getting to the last stage maybe if it is to hard then i would do it

wow just wow

and now i remeber why i left mine laying around and let die in a heap of its own poop till the battry died...nice rework of a throwback tho ah good times

ARMouros responds:

yes i rember it to be good times to but when it would come around to lunch time at school onley to find it had died in a heap of poo my hart was broken
now that i think about it not so good times


I liked the game, but you should add some music and a tutorial. The game gets boring to fast without music and sound effects.

ARMouros responds:

i might ad a slight click sound to the buttons - ill have a look
thanks good idear

Digital Hell

A perfect retooling of the 90's craze that swept the nation, and a reminder of why I hated the constant upkeeping of my digital pet triceratops, who died more times than I care to remember.

For those of you too young to know about Digimon and Tomogatchi, or who never had one in the first place, the menu is fairly easy to remember.

Give it cake and chocolate to keep it happy (using it's special abilities does that too). But be careful not to give it too much or you'll make it sick and you'll have to give it one of the pills. (DO NOT GIVE IT THE PILL JAR, JUST THE PILL ICON! IF YOU GIVE IT THE PILL JAR IT'LL MAKE IT SICKER THAN EVER BELIEVE)

The most important thing you to remember is the triforce icon which helps it to level up and digivolve into it's next form

ARMouros responds:

wow thanks for the best revue ever- i dont know what to say but thanks
a comment like yours makes me wont to make more thanks

great work dood

i wish it didnt poop so much. and i wish pills were less DP,
its good to see u havent just put one line of digimon on the first try i got devimon and on the 2nd i got numemon, it gets hard after a while when everything goes down fast,
the cake and chocolate should also make the digimon less hungry by like 1 bar or something,
also a pause button would be good
i might try a few more times to see what other digimon i get
good job with this i like it lots

ARMouros responds:

i see what you mean by the cake and chocolate i will put that in the update
and for a pause...... no way it defets the spirit of the vpet unless you can convince me
i should have said how meney mons ther are
1- Egg
1 - In-training
1 - In-training
3 - Rookie
7 - Champion
3 - Ultimate
1 - mega
thanks again