Reviews for "Digimon D-portal V2.0"

I've never seen an egg crap this much.

The general idea is good but it would have been nice to have more instructions so I could actually grasp what I was doing.

how to crack the egg?

This game should have 5 stars in each review.
The graphics and game in general are amazing!
My Digimon died a couple of times but finally got to wargreymon.
What I am saying simplifed,Great game! :)

The game doesn't explain ANYTHING, nothing at all. How can you make a a game like this without giving any information? We can't be expected to know what it meant. I get food, and sleep, but there are a lot of things that I have no clue about. And the last bar started rising, for death, and I kept filling it's needs and giving it medicine and in the end, it still died. This game needs a thorough explanation, stating how to evolve your digimon, how to raise it, how to care for it, how it's health can go down, how to get it back up, and to specifically say what each and every square/graph means.

aww man... it died... a moment silence for our buddy greymon please.