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Reviews for "Scaperide ZERO"

Well, it's got potential

To begin with, it looks like a pretty decent game to say the least. Right now it's got some more or less significant drawbacks like lack of music or audio whatsoever, but on the other hand, it's a really refreshing experience. Not your typical Flash game. Graphics show you've got potential, so I'm giving you 10 start to motivate you to out the full version sooner rather than later.

choephix responds:

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it anyway and I hope I finish it sooner too :c]

Very Good

The general concept is definitely sound. My only suggestions would be (which since you've said this is basically uncomplete you may already be doing these, in which case I apologize)
Some cool music (I would suggest something kind of techno-ish but that's just me) and sound effects.
Some bonuses to make the user think a little about diving in
Maybe a jump feature?
The only real problem I noticed is that the ghosts were inconsistent, sometimes they would jump across the map to get at you and sometimes they would just ignore you, I think I may have even passed through one or two. But I loved how you had to be quick to dodge them.
I definitely loved the graphics and the feel of the game. Can't wait to see the final project :D

choephix responds:

Thank you very much! This helps a lot, since I went on a bit different direction in the actual project, but I will now reconsider most things. I am not good at sound editing as it turns out, but I will give my best and and there will be at least some great music :] The ghosts I did intend to only sometimes jump out, with the idea to keep the player on toes and guessing, but may be that wasn't such a glorious idea.

Thank you again for the feedback! :c]

hmm good

well good going but you need music, maybe upgrades for your robot, a story behind the game maybe except that it was a nice game

choephix responds:

Thank you! Will consider all of these :c]

good game

it could be 10/10, but it has no sounds... :(

choephix responds:

Thanks! Sounds and music are now on top of the list for the actual project

needs some work.

well,we have an interesting piece here. graphics and concept are good, and are worth your 6 stars. so then, you'll ask, what's wrong here? first of all the gameover system. actually it doesn't exist, and when your lives finish, you can continue playing with -1, -2,-3 etc lives, and at your death (or just at the end of the level) it will ask you to submit the score. Score which is not reset after you "finish" your lives.
please fix this issue, this is really a great game.
happy new year!
3/5, 6/10

choephix responds:

Thank you for the feedback, and Happy New Year! I just fixed the issue and it should now reset correctly after you submit your score :c]