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Reviews for "Across the Universe Ep.2"

AS good as I thouht it'd be!

Well worth the wait!
To be honest it's a lot more trippy than origially but...it's still good!
Well done

WTF!!! how did you make this!!!

this is amazing and smooth animation!! it doesn't even look flash! did you use a different program? because if you spent the time to animate each frame you got series patience!!!
great Job
voice acting, 4/5 (the guy got a bit annoying repeating everything)
animation 5/5

This was great!

The only thing i have to say is more fluid animation. That aside its pretty awesome.

Great - but man, long wait! :-)

I've been waiting for this one to come out. As intriguing as I'd hoped. Now, please, don't make the next one take quite so long if you can help it - 2 years is a long time to wait for a next installment. ;-) Still, thanks for sharing & keep it up! :-)

very nice

i noticed from your initial ATU to episode 2 that your style of art changed dramatically. I like the approach. I have a good assumption that episode 3 will be amazing. Keep up the good work dude.