Reviews for "G.T.A. Musicvideo"


i liked ur styly and when ever they puled outthere guns it looke cool. nice work and keep it up

Wicked Movie

I love GTA, and this Movie has it all, the cars; the guns; the pigs; but where were those bĂ­atches man? U gotta have some girls in the next Movie ;) BTW I cant help but think that the Movie is outta synch with the Movie, are the words supposed to go with the song or are they supposed to come later like an echo?


GTA Music Video = SWEETNESS. Best Music Video I have seen with Flash. The Graphics were horrible but the fast animation makes up for it. The Audio was pure GTA. But it started to go out of sync later on. Anyways Awesome Job.

this fucking rocks

Damn,this was great.The music kicked ass and the animation was ok.Well now that I watched this I am off to play GTA:Vice City.Make something like this for Vice City.Later

all ur movies RULE

nice but one comment up the frame rate and the sync problem will go away.

other than that KOOL!