Reviews for "G.T.A. Musicvideo"


i loved the game and this is an awesome video. there was obviously a lot of effort put into this one and its a freekin nice ass job!


This movie rocked man, it may be the beer talkin but i actually enjoyed that.someone makin a really decent music vid is an achievement, especially with the constraints of flash. very well done to you sir

go lips 106!

i love how u ripped the song joyride from lips 106 that is my favorite song next to the whole chatterbox station WOOT go LAS LO all your base are belong to reede tucker

Henrik-Hermans responds:

His name is spelled "LAZLOW". That's what it said in the end-credits.

Great Job

You Did a great job on that i dont see how thats in anyway out of sync so djs3 you dont know what your talking about
great job

Great job!

U've chosen a great song, but i think it fit in better on Wicked Negative One... The music video was really good tho, ur one of my favourite artists btw... The texts fit in really nice, especially the "you've just been busted" on the shotgunshell! Suomi Finland PRKL!!!