Reviews for "G.T.A. Musicvideo"

Hey this movie kicked some fine ass

There isn't much better than blood and guts, and boy does your movie have it. not very often do i see a music video that kicks ass, good job


This movie rocked man, it may be the beer talkin but i actually enjoyed that.someone makin a really decent music vid is an achievement, especially with the constraints of flash. very well done to you sir

One flaw...

The sticks i can forgive, the clashing of the tomb raider-ish thing and the gangster-kind of thing can be overlooked, but stream the music. I know the words to the song, so I could tell what part of the music it was supposed to be, but the flash was on "'G' Grand Theft Auto" when the song was about to start "stop the violence". If you stream the music though, this'll be great.

Henrik-Hermans responds:

Well, thats waaaay outta sync.


Finally someone does something on another game besides final fantasy or metal gear solid. Grand Theft Auto (whole series) rocks ten fold and even though the graphics on this music video were a little kindergardenish (probably meant to be like that) it still kicked major ass. Good job.

great idea

could of use better art work but i thought it was very god