Reviews for "G.T.A. Musicvideo"

nice one

cool flash
but i dunno if its me but that was out of sync i dunno it was cool though jus waht i thought a movie of gta whould be like

Total Madness

If you thought that was good, check out "WICKED NEGATIVE ONE" I think it is the best movie on NG! It is 10 times better than this video clip.

Nice man

Well good sound cool graphics... keep it up u made me wana play gta after watching this

Wicked Movie

I love GTA, and this Movie has it all, the cars; the guns; the pigs; but where were those bĂ­atches man? U gotta have some girls in the next Movie ;) BTW I cant help but think that the Movie is outta synch with the Movie, are the words supposed to go with the song or are they supposed to come later like an echo?

go lips 106!

i love how u ripped the song joyride from lips 106 that is my favorite song next to the whole chatterbox station WOOT go LAS LO all your base are belong to reede tucker

Henrik-Hermans responds:

His name is spelled "LAZLOW". That's what it said in the end-credits.