Reviews for "G.T.A. Musicvideo"

mmmmm its alrite

dissappointing, music not in sync.

This guy has the know-how.

That was simply great. Hermans obviously knows the conventions of a decent music video, and puts it all together to give us an animation that despite the crude visuals, is totally enjoyable.

What's most important about music videos is that the sound must be calibrated just right, and here it is simply perfect. The soundtrack features a punchy bass, yet there is no ugly distortion that comes with crappy recordings.
The vid clips simply slot right into the the music, contributing to the mood and feel generated, as opposed to fighting against it as is the case with so many wannabe hacks that try to cram too much without knowing what they're really doing.

Hermans I have respect for you man. You got talent- but if you improved your visuals your work would be almost unparalleled.


Wow, that was great. I loved the different clips, all put together. I liked the music as well. It is funny how your animation lasted longer than the song, and I still really likked it. Keep up the good work.


not antyhing special

it wasnt bad...i guess but i didnt like the way u drew ur characters u gotta put a lil more time in ur animations i liked the car..but the characters sucked...and wat the fuck was wit the egypt shit and it didnt have dat much 2 do wit GTA soo but it wasnt bad...id like 2 see ur next work a lil better graphics and it could b a kik ass movie..

Henrik-Hermans responds:

thanks but it wasnt a GTA movie. Just a video for the song Grand Theft Auto.

Great job!

U've chosen a great song, but i think it fit in better on Wicked Negative One... The music video was really good tho, ur one of my favourite artists btw... The texts fit in really nice, especially the "you've just been busted" on the shotgunshell! Suomi Finland PRKL!!!