Reviews for "G.T.A. Musicvideo"


fuck i neva knew how fuckin sweet the tracks were on that game...ima haf to try pick me up a copy of that shit that was a tight gamne though


GTA music vid. swEEt! Graphics look really cool. That GTA song is awesome. animation is decent looking. You did well at making this music vid. Damn there's so much stuff just poping all over the screen.


that is one of my favorite song in all of the grand theft auto games, and if u put the very 1st grand theft auto game disk in a cd player, u can hear that song over and over again, plus other song on the game try it out.


I'm really suprised with this flash, I wasn't expecting too much from the intro but when the song really starts to kick in the animation effects become better and better, Nice one orb..

And the sync thing doesn't seem as bad as you say, so don't worry too much about it

all ur movies RULE

nice but one comment up the frame rate and the sync problem will go away.

other than that KOOL!