Reviews for "The Basement Sessions"

Waah~~ Amazing! I love it! Good work! *3*

Amazing, really relaxing stuff

That drum bus <3

When it hit 1:14, ya'll went full pink floyd. Love it.

newhansen responds:

PinkFloyd is nice ^^

Was definitely a beautiful song. I hear heavy influences of the Beatles during the Sergeant Peppers era (vocals/key change choices/guitar work) mixed with a bit of Danny Elfman's lighthearted approach to Halloween compositions. While the trumpet outro was cool, and Felix is a very talented player, it seemed out of place in the mix.

It wasn't exactly bone chilling, it came off as a much more relaxing song, but I did enjoy it. The production/engineering work was certainly excellent, and you have a nice way of going just to the tip of your head voice before slipping into light falsetto. Great job though, it's a shame you missed the deadline last year but this piece certainly stands out among the others this year.

newhansen responds:

Thats right! The trumpet is amazing. Felix is very talented. I feel so sorry I didn't gave the guy a longer solo. Man, he really can improvise. Hope to work with both Sam and Felix again one day.
It's a shame I missed the Halloween deadline >.<