Reviews for "Drunk With You"

Nice and catchy melody. brings me back to the american pie and road trip days. keep up the awesome tunes.

woah, lyrics and music totally catched me.

I could never finish it because I'm lazy but, I'm planing an animation and searched for a song like this.
In tthe case I decide to make it, can i use this track?

amazing job ;) 5/5

SpinWires responds:

Great to hear you dig it. Absolutely feel free to use the song for any creative work you make!

I like it, its catchy and the instruments were in proper sync. The vocals fall in sync as well. I don't play but I do write lyrics, or use too. Maybe I can message you guys a song one day, if ya'll are interested. Anyways, good job!

All of your guy's music is so catchy! This one is definitely no exception. Absolutely love the synthesized guitar effect that enters at about 0:42. Yet another great song to blast in my car. Keep 'em coming!

This song is great! The singing is really nice and smooth (if that makes any sense!) and the lyrics are good! And the "And I'd rather be drunk with you" is amazingly catchy! A great listen, dentally going to put this on my phone for listening on the way to school!