Reviews for "BearBound"


Very simple and polished game, knows exactly what it wants to be. Love the crisp art and animation and the different endings are all quite cool. My only complaints are that the map could be a bit more open, since right now it's something of a maze with the illusion of being open, and the blizzards to happen less often, to allow the player to explore the world a bit more freely.

Kudos, haven't played all of the games yet, but I get the feeling this will be hard to top.

Simple, fun, and cute!

All the endings were pretty funny. My favorite is probably Look Down On Me. :P You did very well with just 3 days!


Awesome, I like it

Got all achievementz...

Thx! ^^ xD


I loved your game and thought that you guys did an awesome job making it. Also, your achievements made me laugh.