Reviews for "BearBound"

Loved it

It was a cute game. The timing was fun and the secret achievment made me chuckle. Return to menu button was broken for me though

Love it

I love how this game is simple yet entertaining :) Its very impressive that you made this in only 3 days. its also nice to see a non-violent game on newgrounds once in a while. the animation looked great for a 3 day project. 10/10 for the art, entertainment, and amount of time and effort you all put in to make this.


I loved it :3 the bear sprite is soo cute ^^ 10/10 ONLY that in this part I got stucked and when I tryed to move the bear wouldnt move :( http://i869.photobucket.com/albums/ab 252/Casanovandy/Bear.png


its very cool and funny all endings lossers

Nice game but

Dotn know whats the problem. Medal dont work for me :(

Well, good entertaining game xD