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Reviews for "BearBound"

cute game

As i have been reviewing for years I have seen alot of this and alot of that, but its nice to see the quality improve, your entry shows the effort and quality of what talking about or in this case writing about. Congrats on the award first of all, those are always nice as it shows that people appreciate your work so that was a nice gesture, The game had a small issue like when you found a spot that it went to a menu acheivment screen and when you click on menu screen button it didnt do aything something to check out, its a fun game kind of cute but needs more medals, needs more content and such,The game was pretty easy and the medals were pretty easy maybe add some harder medals to acheive. Creativity will make worlds come alive, So keep creating with no Limits. and as far as im concerned you have created a vast world of creativity already,
now just keep it going with other awsome stuff.

Other than that I felt like the game was fun for a bit, there are some things that could make it better, so i have made a few ideas and basic stuff that i saw that could be improved on and such so give it a thought or two. I would really like to see you improve more on this, i think one way of doing thatis going with more Medals, the ones you do have on this flash are ok but could use more, for a more fun experience. Also look into fixing the button to go back to menue screen from acheivments page seemed glichy, Adding some harder medals to acheive would be a pls for this fun game. And adding A skip button on the intro cut scene would also be another nice addition.

I liked this game a lot. The only thing were the badgers. THOSE FUCKING BADGERS!!! Maybe add another creature or somen'. Anyway, great game!

lol the secret achivemnt is so easy got it in 1 min

pretty fun, kept me occupied for a while. hopefully there is or will be a number 2

I really want a second game.