Reviews for "BearBound"

Angrrrrrry Bear: Rrrr!

=D Do the another one. That's bear with some RPG, Action, Brain-shitout.
Or stay at that's game, add more,more,more,more,more medals;
more more more more more more walking and quests from your Ma Bear =D
This will be fun.

About the game(cut review):
Game good, author is good and sounds is good too. But one of all songs in replaying time is not good =D More more more sounds and this is LEGEND OF BEAR games =D

Fun enough..

Cute bear, cute graphics, just search the medals!

Great game!

Short, easy, and funny. Two things: The Yeti is WAY too obvious to be a secret achievement. Also, I completed the entire game without seeing a blizzard once.

JackSmack responds:

hmmmm... Make sure you have the most up to date flash player. Blizzards should show up repeatedly.


First of all, I absolutely love the concept. Also, the art was amazing. However, I think that there were far too many blizzards. I actually timed it -- from the one blizzard passed to the time the alerts started for another incoming blizzard was just shy of 9 seconds. I felt like I was doing more running from burrow to burrow than actually exploring. And I felt like there could have been a "happy ending" scenario to find, as well -- the bear finds a comfortable den to spend the rest of the winter in that wasn't previously inhabited by a badger. But other than that, great game! I especially loved that there was a different "ending" depending on what you found.

Got all achievementz...

Thx! ^^ xD