Reviews for "BearBound"

Cute, well made, short exploration game with a few amusing endings. Could use at least another mechanic or some flavour to make the exploration more interesting, but I guess that's for another jam.

This was an okay game jam flash. It was short and simple. The medals work, and I earned them all.

I just thought. Completely at random. Lets give this game a play. And then review it. Like I do.

You are a bear. A sad, sad bear :( :( You need to run around in the snow. Hide in igloos when storm come. Try to find good life. Then happy bear again :) :) :) Everything's going to be ok. Oh look some people...

The reviewer likes the simple appeal of this game. Likes how you can play it over and over to get different endings. He sometimes wishes game included a minimap, a wider range of actions, and it wasn't so hard to get into igloos.

The simple bear in me likes this game, but wishes it had been made just a little more complicated. These games stay on site forever, well after "game jam" over.

Thank you.

short simple and fun! the only problem is there is not enough endings; it's a great game with a creative idea but it needs more endings or a sequel!

I thought it was boring but the art was great