Reviews for "BearBound"

Enjoyed it

I enjoyed going through and finding everything, yet the annoying way there's a expected storm every 20 seconds or so, and how you have to wait for the bear to get kicked out somewhat dampers that. Found the bear to be cute and even a little sad. Great game, 4/5, 8/10


REALY hard to do stuff when every 5 seconds there is a blizzard

Good Game

It's kinda fun, but the return to menu button is broken.
And i don't have an ad blocker on, so please fix it.

One problemo.

The 'Return to menu' button from the acievements page is broken.


thank you for making the most simple game
like... this is the first one where i got all achivments hahah
other than that it was well put together love the whole drawings n what not