Reviews for "BearBound"

Incoming pun...

I'm not emBEARassed to say this... this game rocks ^_^

(50% of people will make this -_- face when reading)

Seriously now.

The graphics are great
The gameplay is great
The music is entertaining
Everything is a 10/10

got all medal

secret medal iss go to the gant yeti nd touch it

other wise great game

i vote 10/10 nd 5/5


It's fun, but it's a short game, and also, when you get to the end and it says Return to Game, I couldn't get that to work so I had to keep refreshing. x.x

Easter egg

Ok, to find the easteregg/homage/tribute, Look at the starbound medal icon. Under the words # 2, you can see Agnry Faic!! But for the game, it is incredible! A good plot and awesome gameplay. This game is enjoyable by every age, 0 to 100!

Excellent game

This was a great game you guys made especially considering it was done in 72 hours,the animation looked fantastic and the layout of the level was done with great creativity,the controls were solid and it was fun looking for all the different endings throughout the level,overall i really enjoyed this game very much even though it was rather easy. :)