Reviews for "BearBound"

The the ski monster medal, that thing still freaks me out. i love the bear characters and all the different ending you can get. when the storm is coming i literally freak out and start going in circles to find shelter

Short but fun, have nice graphic and music.

Very fine game! Impressive that it was made during a 72h jam. Really great, but too short.

A fun and sweet made game.

For a game that was made in three days, this is awesome. The snowy terrain is beautiful, the story is cute, the gameplay is simple and easy to understand, the multiple endings add to the replay value of the game and encourages players to explore the landscape, and the music is nice to listen to. However, the time between blizzards need to be made a bit longer since it doesn't give the player much time to explore before receiving a warning that a blizzard is coming. A minimap of sorts also would've been a great help since it would make exploration easier and have the player not panic and frantically search when they receive a blizzard warning and with no badger burrow in sight. Asides from those two points, you did a fantastic job with this game, so kudos to you!