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Reviews for "Eskimo River Rush"

favourite game of the jam!

props to your team, love it, seems really polished for 72 hours of work, and the gameplay was brilliant.

molkman responds:

I love you. :)

We could learn a thing or two from this game!

I enjoyed playing this game, it was very well made. It has the perfect balance of simple, addicting, and challenging. I also noticed how you carefully adjusted the game so that there's always new stuff showing up to keep the game interesting.

Very good design in this game! I'd be surprised if it's not at least from the top 3 in this jam!

Awesome job guys.

molkman responds:



Pretty cool 72 hour made game, solid controls, actually addictive, nice difficulty.
But the 2 things that impressed me the most: fluid animation and songs.


simple, but made me smile. did you have a time limit to make this? I am changing my 7 to a 10 on this assumption.

molkman responds:

You are quite right in your assumption.


juego en hielo pero divertido

molkman responds:

Si si.