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Reviews for "Eskimo River Rush"

pretty good

This probably just me, but man I cannot for one second mash with my left hand even close to fast enough to unfreeze them. It would be nice if say WASD to move and J to attack, K to defrost or whatever were alternate controls.

I'm not rating it down for that or anything though.

72h only? you gotta be kidding me...

honestly in 72h?! i definitely would not have pulled it off, very impressive!! And this game is tons of fun and its a perfect time killer.


this is a good game for 72 hours, very fun and a good concept with good graphics.

molkman responds:


Why is everyone whining about it?

This is great for 72 hours. The graphics were nice, the gameplay was alright, a bit glitchy, but they made it in only 3 days, so it's obviously gonna have some bugs.

molkman responds:

Bugs make it authentic, right?

Not bad!

Really fun game!