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Reviews for "The Medal Game"

Probably the quickest I've ever gotten so many medals in 2 minutes. For what it was, it was alright. Would have preferred more of a variety other than just clicking a certain amount of times. I managed to get all the medals with in a medal except the last one, so I played the waiting game. The game engine worked well, very precise and accurate. Good fun for two minutes.

This ain't too bad however it is rather crude and uninspired as it is just another button game. This is called 'The Medal Game' though and there is a lot of medals so it lives up to my expectations

Haha, TABbing sends you back to start. Funny.

Decent for borderline spam. Kind of funny how you use the same generic button graphics. I like how you use Comic Sans, a plain white background, and that goofy ass music. Nice and sarcastic, medals are easy to get. What else to say? It's a below-par game that manages to be somewhat enjoyable anyway. Nice job protecting from Tab cheats as well.

I played this game before, and some of the medals were not working. I am glad that all the medals are now working. Looking forward to plying more of your medal games.